D. Scott Caruthers: From Military Brat To Experienced Travel Expert

Dennis Scott Carruthers showing off his muscular physique attained by eating too much Falafel in Israel and Egypt.

Scott Caruthers was a military brat. His father spent more than 25 years in the Air Force. So growing up Caruthers had lived on military bases all over the world. While the children of some other military families found that to be a hardship, D. Scott Caruthers loved it. He looked forward to moving to a new country every few years. He relished the idea of exploring exotic new places, trying interesting dishes and meeting new people. He also had the opportunity to learn several languages. By the time he graduated high school, in addition to English, D. Scott Caruthers was fluent in German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and three Asian languages.

By the time he was 18, D. Scott Caruthers had lived in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. But he was hungry for more adventure. He enlisted in the Air Force so he could see even more of the world. By the time his 7-year hitch was up, he had been all over Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North, South and Central America. He was an experienced world traveler and he was only 25 years old. At that point, Caruthers wanted a change. His life had been controlled by military postings ever since he was a child. Unsure of what career to choose, he decided to go to college to study business.

Scott Caruthers enjoyed the freedom college offered. His discipline the military taught him helped him excel in his studies and his outgoing personality enabled him to make friends easily. He also joined the Language Club on campus. This gave him an opportunity to continue to use the languages he learned growing up. At the beginning of his sophomore year, the Language Club decided to plan a trip abroad. Caruthers was able to give them valuable insights into traveling to a number of countries, finding accommodations and telling them what to see and do. Club members began asking him for help planning their personal trips abroad.

After helping several students and their families to create fun, affordable, memorable trips to various parts of the world, D. Scott Caruthers began to see the new value of his experience living abroad. He realized it provided him with the knowledge he needed to start a lucrative business. He created a business plan, set up a website and began to promote his travel company. As more students heard how helpful he had been in assisting people in planning trips, his customer base grew. He then began to design custom packages for his customers and connected them to people he knew in the vacation destinations.

Soon word spread around campus about the valuable travel services D. Scott Caruthers had to offer. Students began telling their families and friends and that helped further expand his customer base. Plus, he gradually improved his website, made it more interactive and began to link to other travel blogs and sites. Within 18 months Caruthers’ travel company began to grow exponentially. People were glad to receive guidance from a travel expert that had lived in many of the countries they wanted to visit. He expanded his business to include guided travel tours where he would make all the reservations and take groups of people to exotic locations for a set fee

People were impressed by the fact D. Scott Caruthers not only knew the countries they visited, he also knew the language and the locals. Caruthers also loved the business because it gave him a chance to travel all over the world and get paid handsomely to do it. By the time he earned his MBA, Caruthers was making an excellent income each year in the travel industry. Soon more people wanted to go on guided tours than he was able to handle himself. He began to recruit ex-military personnel and military brats he knew that had lived in different parts of the world. Plus his website became a valuable resource for people planning vacations.

Scott Caruthers has used his experience living abroad to build a lucrative business. His travel service has staff in many locations worldwide. People interested in traveling abroad simply contact him and he arranges their entire trip.

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