D. Scott Carruthers Shares His Top Fall Travel Destinations

D. Scott Carruthers Shares His Top Fall Travel Destinations

You cannot stop summer from winding up, but choosing to visit awesome places during fall could rejuvenate your moods. You have many options for places to visit across the world that will ignite your fall and give you a reason to believe that there is too much available that nature has offered to complain. The biggest challenge many cite when they are not able to choose a destination during fall is lack of experience or referrals. If you are looking for destinations that could most perfectly match your expectations in fall, here are several you might want to consider that are picked for you by D. Scott Carruthers, a travel enthusiast.


During fall, it is off-season in Ecuador and you will enjoy the most peaceful visit because there is no congestion. In addition to this, the prices of about everything are lowest during this season, so you will most definitely have countless reasons to explore the destination with even a small budget. The weather condition is decent and you have many activities to do while in Ecuador including wildlife sightings, attending cultural and religious festivals, and most importantly you can visit their museums to learn more about the history of the beautiful destination.


Maine is characterized with loads of activities ranging from sightseeing to taking part in festivals and parties organized on weekly basis. This is a vibrant destination and one that you will find fascinating while on a fall vacation. It offers some of the most beautiful ski resorts and the culinary options you are presented with include varieties that will trigger your taste buds. During fall, there is also not as much activity as during the peak season, so you might have an awesome time exploring the beautiful scenery and enjoying the culture and way of life present in this destination.


During fall in Bermuda, the weather is constantly warm and temperatures average 77 degrees in October. This is made better by the fact that crowds and prices drop as the season approaches September, so you will not need to spend a lot to enjoy the beauty the destination has to offer. You could also exploit vacation packages that offer you combined discounts when you visit Bermuda.

In fall, some of the best restaurants in Bermuda offer you amazing discounts and this extends to dining and accommodation. Some of the things you will enjoy doing while in Bermuda include spending time at the sandy beaches and joining others in cliff jumping or biking along Railway Trail. There are also local island flavors and golfing events that you could join.


Millions of tourists visit Iceland during summer and by September most of them leave. While temperatures around the destination drop, sunlight fades as fall approaches, which also marks the off-season and a good time to visit Iceland. On accommodation and places to eat, you are spoilt for choices as there are many resorts that offer premium services.

However, this does not mean you will need to spend a fortune to enjoy the services as during fall many of them are discounted due to a drop in the number of visitors. Things to enjoy in Iceland include glacial hiking, snowballing, exploring ice caves, and doing road trips around the famous Ring Round. You could also join one of the many festivals organized around this time to learn more about the culture of the people.

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