Cheapest countries to visit In Europe

Traveling to Europe is a dream for many people. But it is an expensive proposition. One way to experience all that Europe has to offer is to visit countries that have a lower cost of living. Accommodations, meals, and other expenses are less expensive in these places which means money goes further. This article provides an overview of the cheapest countries in Europe to visit.



Bulgaria consistently makes the cheapest countries to visit in Europe list. The country has reasonable prices for just about everything. Flights are the only exception due to the country’s out of the way location. Cities like the capital of Sofia are a must see but so are the Rila Mountains. Traveling to the region and staying at a lodge is reasonable. The city of Plovdiv also has Roman architecture and cultural museum. Between daily expenses, food, and hotel accommodations for a night, plan on about $60 per day.



Portugal is considered a bargain for the western part of Europe. Because the dollar and the euro are about even, going to Portugal is relatively affordable. This may not be the case in all parts of the country. But a recommended city to visit is Porto.

The lodging isn’t terribly expensive in a city like Porto. It is an older city with beautiful sights and fresh seafood. It also has old world charm in the form of bookshops with squeaky floors and indoor-outdoor cafes where people are having actual conversations. Spending money on a good meal is equivalent to spending money on TGI Fridays back in the states. Plan on spending around $60 a day here for all daily expenses.

Points of Interest:

  • River Douro (river of gold)
  • Palacio da Bolsa
  • The beaches of Foz do Douro
  • Sé Catédral



Poland is another country with old-world charm and lots of history. Krakow is one of the most frequent destinations for tourists. The thriftiest person in the world is likely to find a good time in this city. A nice Air BnB will only be about $50 a night. The city is also home to many historical sites including those connected to the Holocaust.

Transportation prices are reasonable and the taxi meters are reliable for pricing. A lot of the old city is walkable and the food and drink start at between $2 and $4 each. A general suggested budget per day including everything from food to lodging is about $65 a day.

Points of Interest:

  • Oscar Schindler’s Factory
  • Wawel Cathedral
  • Lost Souls Alley
  • Wawel Royal Castle
  • Main Market Square


The country’s capital city of Tallinn is located in the Baltics and is bursting with old world charm. It was the first former Soviet country to adopt the Euro and it’s still recovering from its former occupier so prices are still relatively low. The country itself is small, just 1.5x bigger than Switzerland. Folk dancing, art, and singing pervade the city with outdoor festivals being a normal part of the culture there.

Tallinn is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is the older part of the city. The people are also wonderful, making this place a must go to on the countries to visit list. Backpackers love to come to this city. The daily budget here is about $40 a day.

Points of Interest:

  • Old-Town Tallinn
  • Toompea Hill
  • Oleviste Church
  • Town Hall Square

The Czech Republic


Prague in the Czech Republic is well known for its reasonable prices so it is a destination for a lot of tourists. This has led to a rise in prices. But it’s still a budget-friendly city for those that want to visit. A nice Airbnb costs around $40 in the old part of the city. Transportation won’t be much of a concern because the city itself is very walkable.

There are so many things to do in the city such a touring a castle that includes actual torture chamber. There are winding cobbled streets and beautiful architecture all over the place. The city also has the oldest pubs and beer halls in Europe. The beer itself is extremely cheap at just $2. Plan to spend $40 per day here.

Points of Interest:

  • Petřín Hill
  • Museum of Communism (Next to a McDonalds)
  • Malá Strana
  • Bunkr Parukarka (Pub in a Bunker)
  • Charles Bridge



Greece and its capital city Athens are ranked as one of the top five destinations in the world. It’s also very cheap for travelers due to the country’s economic issues. In certain tourist spots like the Parthenon, items are more expensive. But in other parts of the city, people will find reasonable deals. Eating on a budget is also easy to do save for a splurge on a seafood dinner or two.

As a cradle of civilization, Athens is actually diverse in terms of its landscapes. Modern structures are mixed in amongst historical buildings. Budget about $30 a day.

Points of Interest

  • Santorini
  • The Acropolis
  • The Parthanon
  • The Exarcheia and Psiri Neighborhoods
  • The Clumsies Bar
  • Brettos Bar



Slovenia adopted the Euro a decade ago so the cost of goods is still extremely reasonable. Traveling to the city of Ljubljana is very easy to do from nearby Austria using Rail Europe. It is a beautiful photogenic city with German, Latin, and Slovic history. It tends to lean towards being a more European city. So Americans will feel welcome there and most people speak very good English. Budget around $60 a day here.

Points of Interest

  • Ljubljana Castle
  • Towns of Bled and Bohinj
  • The Alps


San Sebastián in the heart of Basque country is a paradise for food lovers. It offers beautiful scenery and cheap food. So it is a must on any travel list. The city is home to many Michelin-star restaurants that easily cost between $400 to $500 on a meal. But the city is also full of very cheap eats too. Hit the beach after eating. Budget around $30 a day for good eats.

Restaurants of Interest

  • Bar Nestor
  • Pastelería Oiartzun
  • Pollution


The city of Agrigento in Sicily requires a bit of effort to get to. The average flight into Palermo is around $600. But the train to go to Agrigento is only about $10 or rent a car for another $40 a day. Hotels are around $60 per night. It’s extremely close by to Greek ruins too. Agrigento has a much slower pace of life compared to other cities so it’s worth coming to just to relax and see the sights. Budget around $40 a day for everything outside of the food and transportation already mentioned.

Points of Interest

  • Temple of Juno Lacinia
  • Temple of Concordia
  • Stair of the Turks
  • Village of Sciacca

Europe has all sorts of secrets and things to discover as this list of countries has proven. Traveling to Europe on a budget is an adventure full of cities and towns to discover. Understanding where to visit on a budget reveals many destinations that may not have otherwise been considered while on a regular trip to Europe. This often makes for the best kind of trip. Happy travels!


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